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No other area in the home gets so much traffic as the kitchen. Whether it’s snacking, food preparation, answering the phone or having family discussions the kitchen is the nerve center for most of the activity in daily life. So its no wonder that kitchen remodeling contractors report that the kitchen joins bathroom remodeling as the most requested renovation in the home.

Kitchen Cabinets

When most people think about remodeling a kitchen cabinet designs are in the forefront of the kitchen plans. This is because cabinets are the first impression that everyone gets when they first look at a kitchen. Cabinet designs are very important when a homeowner is planning to sell the home because choosing the wrong style, no matter how new the cabinets look, will date the kitchen and may turn off potential buyers.

In many cases the cabinet boxes are fine and were made from good wood. There is a lot of storage and, except for worn doors and outdated hardware, they look okay. In this case the kitchen cabinets just need refacing with new doors and hardware. So for a fraction of the cost of new cabinets the old ones can be refinished and new doors put on.

For those who want some different the monolithic bank of cabinets that frame stainless-steel appliances and modern dining accessories is going out into the countryside. The rural kitchens of the Mediterranean the French farms are the models for the new kitchen cabinet designs featuring carved posts. And the island can be an entirely different piece of cabinetry as well

Kitchen Layout

Since the kitchen is a work center the layout is crucial to food preparation. By going into a kitchen showroom a homeowners can judge from an array of static kitchens which one would suit his or her home. Today, almost everyone wants an island as a second workstation because it is easy to work around and the base cabinets are great for storage. Some homeowners even want the cooktop to be included on the island complete with a range hood.


Kitchen countertops are the sharp end of the stick in food preparation. This is where all the ingredients are sorted out, cut and prepared before they go into a pot or pan. And like the cabinets themselves there are many materials from which to choose. Granite counter tops are a favorite for rolling dough or doing any type of preparation work that requires a hard surface. However, it should be sealed at least twice a year. Many homeowners are opting for an engineered stone that is made from granite and quartz chips and doesn’t need sealing. More specialized counters are also popular with those demanding these products: hardwood, soapstone, stainless-steel and copper.


When everything else has been completed in the kitchen the backsplash should set off the cabinets and fixtures. There are so many materials and designs from which to choose: tile, stainless-steel, stone, tin-plate, copper and even wood.