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Nestled amidst the vibrant bustle of Los Angeles’s Miracle Mile, the Petersen Automotive Museum is not just a tribute to automotive design and history, but also to the indomitable spirit of its founder, Robert E. Petersen. Established in 1994, it stands as a dynamic testament to the world of automobiles and their intricate ties with societal evolution.

Robert E. Petersen: The Visionary Behind the Wheels

Robert E. Petersen’s passion for automobiles wasn’t just about the machine’s aesthetic or technological marvel but was deeply rooted in its societal implications, especially in a car-driven city like Los Angeles. His vision was to create a space that not only showcased cars but told their stories, from their invention to their influence on popular culture.

Architectural Excellence Meets Automotive Brilliance

The museum’s design is an ode to modernity and dynamism. Its facade, characterized by swirling red metallic ribbons, reflects the speed and spirit of the vehicles inside. The 2015 renovation encapsulates the very essence of vehicular aerodynamics, inviting visitors with its avant-garde appeal.

Curated Collections and Noteworthy Exhibits

Spread across three floors:

  • History Floor: Journey back in time with vehicles like the 1900 Smith Runabout, a testament to the earliest automotive innovations, or relive the 1960s with the roaring power of muscle cars.
  • Industry Floor: Explore behind-the-scenes intricacies of car manufacturing. Engage with interactive displays, real-life design studios, and even participate in hands-on workshops that illuminate the multifaceted world of automobile creation.
  • Artistry Floor: Revel in the sheer beauty of automotive craftsmanship. From the luxurious interiors of Rolls-Royce vehicles to the custom artistry of modified cars, every exhibit is a tribute to design and imagination.

Special exhibits and temporary showcases frequently grace the museum, including tributes to automotive legends, in-depth explorations of specific car brands, and even features on vehicles in cinema.

Education and Engagement

The Petersen isn’t just a museum—it’s a learning hub. Workshops tailored for students, detailed lectures by automotive experts, and specialized events ensure that every visit is unique, informative, and engaging.

Visiting The Petersen

Situated at 6060 Wilshire Blvd, visitors can explore the museum seven days a week. Apart from standard tickets, there are special rates for students, seniors, and military personnel. Guided tours, often led by automobile aficionados, offer a deep dive into specific eras or themes within the museum.

Automobiles and LA: An Inseparable Duo

Los Angeles, often dubbed the “Car Capital of the World,” shares a unique bond with the automobile. This city, built around the concept of mobility, finds its ethos echoed in the corridors of the Petersen. From depicting LA’s car-driven culture to the impact of automobiles on Hollywood, the museum offers a comprehensive view of this intricate relationship.

From the Visitors

Cecilia Stewart, shares his experience: “Our kids say their dad changes cars like he changes his underwear so saying he’s a car lover is an understatement. He loved the Petersen Museum & thought it was one of the coolest places I’ve taken him. We both  recommend”

The Petersen Automotive Museum is not just a static display of vehicles—it’s an ever-evolving chronicle of our shared automotive heritage. As cars continue to shape our culture and future, the Petersen stands as a beacon, ensuring that their stories — of design, innovation, and impact — continue to inspire and educate. Arena: The Beacon of Modern Entertainment in Los Angeles