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The Lure of the Stars

Perched atop the southern slope of Mount Hollywood, the Griffith Observatory stands as an iconic symbol of Los Angeles and the gateway to the cosmos. Since its doors swung open in 1935, it has beckoned millions with the allure of the stars and the mysteries of the universe.

Wander Through Time and Space: The Exhibits

At Griffith Observatory, the cosmos is unveiled through a series of compelling exhibits. In the Wilder Hall of the Eye, track the journey of humanity’s understanding of the heavens from ancient times to today’s sophisticated technology. The Ahmanson Hall of the Sky explores celestial bodies and their influences on human civilization. But the journey doesn’t stop there. “Depths of Space” plunges you into the universe’s farthest reaches, displaying the grandeur of cosmic phenomena and revealing the immensity of the cosmos.

The Heart of the Cosmos: The Planetarium

At the heart of the Griffith Observatory is the Samuel Oschin Planetarium, one of the world’s finest. Its advanced star projector and immersive dome transport audiences across the universe during captivating shows such as “Centered in the Universe” and “Water Is Life.” Each show is a voyage of discovery, revealing the awe-inspiring vastness of the cosmos.

Telescopes: Your Eyes on the Skies

The Observatory houses three main telescopes available for public stargazing. The Zeiss telescope, the largest, provides clear views of the Moon and planets after sunset. Solar telescopes offer safe viewing of our nearest star, the Sun. During evening star parties, the public is invited to explore celestial wonders with the assistance of knowledgeable staff and volunteers.

Public Programs: Embracing the Astronomical Community

Griffith Observatory’s commitment to public astronomy education is reflected in its variety of programs. These include monthly public star parties, sunset walks, and telescope demonstrations. The Observatory also provides special programming for notable astronomical events, ensuring that phenomena like eclipses and meteor showers can be shared with all.

Plan Your Visit: Navigating the Stars and the City

Griffith Observatory is open to the public from Wednesday to Sunday. Admission to the grounds, exhibits, and telescopes is free. Planetarium shows carry a nominal fee. After sunset, the Zeiss telescope opens for public viewing, offering an unmissable experience. With ample parking available and easy access via public transportation, your visit is simple to plan.

A Historic Journey: From Colonel Griffith’s Vision to Iconic Landmark

Named after Colonel Griffith J. Griffith, the Observatory is the realization of his vision to make astronomy accessible to the public. Since its establishment, Griffith Observatory has become an integral part of Los Angeles’s cultural and scientific landscape, continually inspiring wonder and curiosity.

Accessibility: Ensuring Everyone Reaches for the Stars

Griffith Observatory is committed to making the stars accessible to everyone. The building is fully wheelchair accessible, with wheelchairs available on request. Service animals are welcome, and sign language interpreters can be arranged for select programs.

Griffith Observatory, Los Angeles’s Star Attraction

The Griffith Observatory offers an unparalleled voyage into the mysteries of the cosmos. With its immersive exhibits, world-class planetarium, and iconic telescopes, the Observatory is a star attraction, connecting us to the celestial canvas above. So whether you’re an astronomy enthusiast or a curious explorer, let the Observatory guide your journey through the universe and help you reach for the stars.

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