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Masonry is a fraternal society of men who have a common desire to be of service to others and to improve the world. Although most of us are not the ones who will find a cure for cancer or eliminate poverty, we can each make a difference in our little corner of the world by giving something of ourselves to others.

The Masonic Order has a long and distinguished history that has helped to shape civilizations. From the Egyptian pyramids to the Mayan temples to the Roman coliseum and the Chinese Great Wall, masonry has played a vital role in all of the world’s greatest cultures.

Freemasonry is a religion that believes in the power of ritual to unite individuals into one body and thus achieve a greater awareness of their spiritual nature. It is a belief system that emphasizes the value of self-improvement and self-reflection, while also providing members with an opportunity to learn about the importance of service to their fellow man.

Traditionally, all Masons have taken an oath that they will conduct themselves following the laws of the fraternity and that they will not lie, cheat or steal. Those who take the oath are called “Masons” and those who refuse to swear are called “non-Masons.”

Some Grand Lodges, however, allow affirmations to be used instead of the traditional oath. This is more prevalent in Europe than in the United States.

A few jurisdictions even hold public installations of officers each year to allow non-Masons to see what it is like to be a Mason. During this ceremony, the new Worshipful Master is installed in the office, and many lodges open their doors so that anyone can come and watch the ceremonies.

In addition to these public installations, several Masonic colleges and universities have opened their doors so that non-Masons can attend classes and receive degrees from the institution. These courses, ranging from the fundamentals of Masonry to advanced study in the various disciplines of the fraternity, are offered by some of the country’s top masonry schools and colleges.

This is an exciting way to become a part of the masonry community and is something that many students enjoy, especially as they begin their careers as masons. These mock interviews and meetings with contractors allow students to build a rapport with the business side of their chosen trade, which in turn helps them in obtaining employment once they have completed their studies.

Masonic Scholarships are available for students who wish to pursue further education in a specific area of masonry or a related field. Depending on the degree that the student is working toward.

Having the opportunity to earn a college diploma is one of the biggest rewards of being a Mason. It is a way for students to prove themselves to their peers, and it can help them to overcome adversities in life by providing a means to achieve their goals.

Masonry – The Art of Building

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