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The Panorama City Mall is a 312,000 square foot retail center located in a San Fernando Valley barrio that is home to more than a few Latino centric businesses. It may be no surprise that the project is anchored by one of the biggest names in retail, Walmart, who in turn is anchored by one of the smallest, but no less important competitors, Curacao.

The project is not without its flaws, and there is no doubt that the site is still in need of a major makeover. Nonetheless, the project is a worthy contender in the Los Angeles commercial real estate arena. In fact, it is in the top five of the entire metroplex in terms of gross leasable area.

Located within the heart of Los Angeles’s premier business corridor, Panorama is an impressive sight to behold. With its proximity to the freeway and numerous amenities, this affluent enclave is one of the most prosperous neighborhoods in the city. To top it off, it also boasts a plethora of cultural and entertainment options, from world class museums to the finest cinemas in town. For instance, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art is just a mile away. Plus, the museum is one of the most highly-rated in the city, and is easily worth the trek. Likewise, there are several excellent restaurants and hotels in close proximity, all of which have the best of luck if you have a taste for fine dining.

While the Panorama City mall is certainly not a bad place to shop, there are plenty of better bets in the neighborhood. And a little bit of scouting will go a long way in determining which is which.

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