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SEPULVEDA BASIN RECREATION AREA | City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks

The Sepulveda Basin Recreation Area is located near the Sepulveda Dam in Los Angeles. This area is a prime destination for bird watching, kayaking, and fishing. It is also home to the Sepulveda Wildlife Refuge and a water reclamation plant.

There are three access points to the Sepulveda Basin River Recreation Zone. The North Boundary Access Point is off Balboa Boulevard and the Middle Access Point is west of Woodley Avenue. These points are only accessible by foot on a designated trail.

Boating is available at the South Boundary Access Point. Visitors can fish from a boat in the Los Angeles River and Hayvenhurst Channel. The California Department of Fish and Wildlife requires a license to fish. Fish species include largemouth bass, green sunfish, and mosquito fish. However, fishing is not permitted on the restricted banks from Hayvenhurst Channel to Burbank Boulevard.

The Sepulveda Golf Courses are a complex of two 18-hole public golf courses. In addition to the public golf courses, the complex includes a restaurant, restrooms, and cart rental. Also within the complex are the Encino Golf Course and the Hjelte Sports Center.

The Sepulveda Wildlife Area is a 130-acre wildlife reserve that includes an amphitheater, educational staging area, and pathways. The area also features revegetation of Haskell Creek, which flows into the Basin. A 12-acre wildlife lake is also located in the park.

Aside from the wildlife reserve, there are also several other active and passive recreational areas in the Sepulveda Basin. One of the largest is Woodley Park. Opened in 1975, it is located on Woodley Avenue between Victory and Burbank Boulevards. Some of the amenities include an off-leash dog park, a picnic area, a dog wash station, and a fenced area for small dogs.

Another recreation facility is the Leo Magnus Cricket Complex, which is a 15-acre cricket field. In addition to the fields, the complex features a parking lot, restrooms, and bleachers. Model airplane fields are also located at the site.

Additionally, the Sepulveda Basin Off-Leash Dog Park is an 13.7-acre park with a fenced area for small dogs. Other amenities include a picnic area, a paved walkway, and a dog wash station.

A bike trail system is available in the Sepulveda Basin. Several bike trails run parallel to the perimeter of the basin and along Woodley Avenue. Pedestrian bridges over Haskell Creek are available. Approximately ten miles of bike paths are available.

The Sepulveda Basin is a vital part of the city of Los Angeles, and it is encouraging to see the restoration of the environment in this region. During the study, the area was doubled in size and the trail system was improved, providing more opportunities for a variety of active and passive recreational activities.

The study also restored and expanded the natural habitat of the Los Angeles River. A large number of birds come to the river, including the State Endangered Least Bell’s Vireo. Throughout the nesting season, portions of the riverbank are not accessible to pedestrians.

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